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Cow Milk

80 TK ( 1 ltr )

Milk is one of the infinite blessings of Allah (SWT). He says in the Holy Quran "And there is certainly a lesson for you in cattle: We give you to drink of what is in their bellies, from between digested food and blood: pure milk, pleasant to drink." An-Nahl-66
One of the favorite items on the food list of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was milk.

Why eat pure milk regularly?

• Milk is one of the sources of calcium. Calcium strengthens bone and tooth structure.
• Milk contains protein which helps in building muscle.
• Milk eliminates fatigue and leads to faster sleep.
• Milk contains lots of fatty acids and amino acids, which are good for hair.
• Milk contains potassium which regulates blood pressure while maintaining heart muscle health.
• Milk relieves stress.
• In the absence of hyper acidity, drinking milk cools the stomach and eliminates the problem of normal acidity.

• Regular drinking of pure milk helps in prevention of breast cancer and colon cancer.
• Milk helps to increase eyesight.

Why eat Ruhama Food milk?

• Ruhama Food never compromise with the quality of milk.
• There is no presence of any kind of harmful bacteria or chemicals.
• Ruhama milk is Collected from farmers' farms under our own supervision.
• 100% pure milk.

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